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Our Introduction

Welcome to Quick Maid Cleaning

Quick Maid Cleaning Services is a leading cleaning service company located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We provide all sort of assortment and extravagance cleaning services across Abu Dhabi. Our cleaning scope and services are classified into four disciplines, such as Residential cleaning service, Commercial cleaning service, Industrial cleaning service and Retail outlets cleaning service.

 Quick Maid Cleaning Services follow international Quality standards and encourage the best service quality to every one of our Clients. We carry out regular assessment and review of our cleaning services, this gives immediate contact with our clients and we are always delegated to get feedback from all our clients to have a constant  improvement platform in all our services.

 Our dedication towards client services  is reflected in our great customer portfolio which includes Corporate, Industrial, Government, Healthcare, Educational, Hospitality and Residential Sectors.

Our Agreement with you

The best way to
keep your carpets
cleaner longer
  • We accommodate all type of variety and luxury cleaning services

  • We carry out regular assessment and review of our services

  • We promise to respect your time